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we_need_to_talk_about_the_future reimagines the future by questioning what it means to be human, or rather posthuman, in this ever changing world. 


We are exploring the relativity of time; imagining a world in which the past, present and future coexist and interconnect. Over the course of the project we research five characters from different periods in fiction and history. Each member of the collective will explore a continuation or variation of the journey of their chosen character outside of the original media or time period they come from. 
We are sharing our process with you. Every day a member of the collective will share bits of their work in progress via a blog entry in the form of text, movement, video, pictures, jokes, ideas, emotions with the identities of our chosen characters becoming shaped and revealed as the work progresses. We will also collaborate in live sessions in the style of an open studio that will be recorded and shared.
 This work will culminate in a final sharing of our work in progress on the 30th of June 2020.


5th Voice

We've come to the end now. All is revealed now. Everything in light, the Future is bright. Stark white. No night. Only light.


As we enter the final weeks of we_need_to_talk_about_the_future we would like to invite everyone who has been following our progress over...

Voice 5th

This is what really happened. That is, if you really care all that much, dear reader. T om ych ri s, He rei sp a rt ofw ha t Ih ave al w...

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